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Luxury Coconut wax Candle French Style

Luxury Coconut wax Candle French Style

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This luxurious coconut candle is the perfect addition to any home. Crafted with premium quality materials, it is designed to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in any room.

  • High-quality fragrance oils
  • Long-lasting burn time
  • Beautiful glass container

The scent will transport you to a tropical paradise, relaxing your mind and soothing your senses. Its beautiful glass container adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your décor.

Light up this candle after a long day at work or during an evening with friends for an instant mood boost. It also makes for the perfect gift for someone special!

7.5 oz

Fragrance: Earthy + Woody

Top note: Malabar Pepper + Cedar

Middle note: Sandalwood

Base note: Baltic Amber

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