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Room - Linen Spray 4 oz | 120 ml | White Sage & Lavender.

Room - Linen Spray 4 oz | 120 ml | White Sage & Lavender.

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Add a pleasant aroma to your home with our Room Spray - a must-have Home Care Supply for every homeowner.

  • Freshen up your living space: Our Room Spray is perfect for refreshing the air in any room.
  • Long-lasting fragrance: Infused with high-quality fragrance oil, it fills the air with pleasant scent that lasts long.
  • Eco-friendly product: Our non-aerosol Aerosol makes it an eco-friendly option, helping you promote sustainable living.

Hand poured in the United States, our Home Fragrance Type of this product is Fragrance oil. You get one Quantity Per Pack of this product - perfect for keeping different rooms of your home smelling great at all times.

Elevate the ambiance of your home with our Room Spray, a perfect addition to your home care supplies. This fragrance oil-based spray comes in a 4 oz bottle, providing you with ample quantity to spritz around the room or on your linens.

  • Non-Aerosol: Our product is free of aerosol, making it safe for use in enclosed spaces.
  • Fragrance Oil: The fragrance oil used in this spray will leave an enchanting aroma that will linger for hours.
  • Made In USA: This product is proudly hand-poured in small batches in the United States to ensure quality and consistency.

The Room Spray comes ready-to-use and can be used on various surfaces like curtains, carpets or even furniture. It's an excellent way to refreshen up any room without much effort.

The pack contains one bottle of 4 oz Room Spray that can be easily stored away when not needed. Include this Home Fragrance essential into your Home Supplies collection and experience delightful aromas wherever you go!

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