About Us.

About Us.

My name is Marcela, I am a single mom living in Southern California. I started my candle journey a few years ago, wanting to learn how to create the perfect candle to enjoy at home. In the process, life happened and things got hard.

Few years after I became a single mom, another battle was presented to me... While I was financially struggling, Cancer showed up in my body, and besides the pain that my body had to go through, I learned so much, and made me a better person.

However, like the cactus, I was presented with spines and hardships, but them helped to make me stronger, kinder and wiser. The transformative magic of resilience kept me on learning to create the best quality products because quality is more than making a good product.

I enjoy and love creating products that look beautiful and smell amazing!!

The name of the company reflects who I am. A cactus standing firm no matter how harsh the conditions or what life brings on my way, because a warm heart full of love and peace can only endure and bloom.

Life is good and my baby girl is the one giving me the fuel to enjoy this beautiful journey.

Sending love your way....


Marcela & Gianna.-

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